Co-op Purposes Report 2020

PCC began as a community of people committed to each other and to good food. Almost seven decades later, this still holds true. We are owned by and accountable to our members. Our yearly Co-op Purposes Report is in service to our members and community: showcasing how the co-op’s activity this past year connects with our mission to ensure that good food nourishes the communities we serve, while cultivating vibrant, local, organic food systems.
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PCC 2020 Snapshot

PCC operates on a triple bottom line, always balancing economic, social and environmental impact. In everything we do, we are inspired by the Rochdale Principles that guide all co-ops. We also strive to deliver on the areas that make PCC unique: our community ownership, dedication to organic and locally sourced products, commitment to product sustainability, and passion for healthy and delicious food made from scratch.

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A letter from The Board of Trustees

“Last year was hard, but the co-op’s store teams and leadership leaned in harder. With guidance and support from the Board of Trustees, the entire organization stayed nimble and responsive in the face of rapidly changing local and federal government policies and requirements. We kept our shelves stocked by deftly navigating a struggling supply chain and leveraging our local relationships. Through it all, we prioritized the health and safety of our staff and shoppers.”
– PCC Board of Trustees

Read a letter from our board of trustees
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From achieving carbon positive store operations to increasing our selection of organic products, check out our progress on our 5-year sustainability goals.

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The Highlights of our Year

We view all aspects of our business through a sustainable lens, whether it’s providing sustainable and transparent products,advocating for organic food systems, designing green stores or supporting the communities we serve.

Here you will find stories, most of which were told in our Sound Consumer newspaper, that illustrate our steadfast efforts to preserve our triple bottom line this year in the face of a life-altering pandemic.

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Supporting organic farmers, farmland and producers

As a certified organic grocer, PCC is committed to supporting local and organic food systems — especially in its own backyard. From protecting threatened farmland through ongoing work with Washington Farmland Trust to supporting organic producers through Organic Producer Grants, PCC looks for meaningful ways to support local farms and producers to ensure a healthy food system for years to come.


PCC Farmland Trust celebrates 20 years >
January 2020

New PCC grants support organic farming >
March 2020

Opening doors for new farmers >
July 2020

Grants support farms and local food >
July 2020

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Providing Food Access & COVID-19 Emergency Relief Support

Working to provide good food to nourish its community is part of PCC’s overall mission. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created a disruption to the emergency food system never seen before. PCC acted quickly to support its community, including adjusting its Food Bank Program to connect local farms and food banks, and donating 1.4 million meals to neighborhood food bank and grocery rescue partners.


New challenges and new ways to connect >
May 2020

Working together with our community farmers markets >
July 2020

The evolution of Seattle’s food banks >
November 2020

How You Can Support Local Food Banks This Season >
December 2020

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Supporting Healthy Communities

In 2020, PCC continued its work to foster vibrant and healthy communities through strategic partnerships, robust neighborhood and regional giving programs, and community grants. The co-op provided $710,000 in support to dozens of area partners focused on sustainability and social impact. Through a partnership with Ventures, PCC introduced a Diverse Entrepreneur Grant to support BIPOC, female and LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs.


Our co-op community: School-sized apples for a fruitful future >
January 2020

Soul of Seattle: For Love of Seattle’s Community >
May 2020

Sweet success of Ventures partnership >
November 2020

PCC Community Markets’ 2020 Giving Efforts >
February 2021

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Photo courtesy of PCC Community Markets

Sustaining the environment and communities through strong product standards

The co-op constantly evaluates its products and product standards to be a trusted leader in social and environmental sustainability. PCC introduced new standards for its fresh chicken eggs that require all suppliers’ hens have access to the outdoors, and the PCC Chinook Sourcing Standard to ensure the co-op only offers Chinook salmon sourced to protect Southern Residents’ main food supply and overall Chinook populations.


PCC sets a new standard for sustainable eggs >
March 2020

Behind the bulk: PCC adds “closed loop” body care products and more >
March 2020

New PCC chocolate is “sourced the way it should be” >
May 2020

Sourcing a fish: Another look at Chinook >
September 2020

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Advocating for Change in our Backyard and Beyond

A healthy food system is possible only if there are policies, infrastructure and resources to support it. Last year, PCC endorsed the Soil Health Initiative, continued to push for alternatives to plastic packaging, and addressed the issue of organic fraud to help improve the integrity of the organic supply chain.


Support for Washington State Soil Health Initiative >
January 2020

Comments on Proposed Food Safety Rule >
September 2020

PCC Advocates for Stronger Organic Regulations >
October 2020

Policy Report: Fighting for true GE transparency >
November 2020

energy efficiency plaque at PCC

Photo courtesy of PCC Community Markets

Matching Building Standards to the Products on Our Shelves

PCC’s vision is to inspire and advance the health and well-being of people and their communities as well as the planet. To that end, the co-op ensures its stores meet just as high of standards as its products. PCC’s Ballard location was recognized as the first Living Building Challenge Petal Certified grocery store in the world — meeting the most rigorous green building standard.


Bringing carbon offsets closer to home >
May 2020

Materiality Assessment >
September 2020

PCC Ballard is World’s First Living Building Challenge Petal Certified Grocery Store >
January 2021

PCC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update

PCC is actively making efforts to become a more inclusive place for staff and shoppers. This past year, we focused on developing a culture of learning, compassion and inclusion. As we put in the work, one of our most valuable lessons learned was that it’s important to take a step forward and get started. We won’t be perfect, but by working together and learning along the way, each step adds up to meaningful progress.

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People & Planet Statement

From membership to green stores, learn more about how the co-op performed in 2020.

Financial Statement

Learn more about the co-op’s 2020 financial performance.

Compensation Structure and Philosophy

PCC believes in being open and transparent with its community. Accordingly, you can learn more here about the co-op’s compensation philosophy and structure.

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