Seattle’s Largest Grocery Co-op


PCC was started by a community of people and we maintain our roots by being member-owned and operated. Our members are actually partial owners of our stores. Members determine bylaws, elect the Board of Trustees each year (an important activity, as the trustees represent the interests of the members), and may participate through committees and individual volunteer projects. And unlike other grocery stores, our profits go directly back into our stores or to the communities we serve!

  • PCC Community Markets is committed to a triple bottom line: the economic, social and environmental responsibilities that shape our co-op from the ground up.
  • PCC members each own an equal part of the co-op (for just a $62 lifetime investment).
  • PCC members elect other members to serve on the board. Board members develop policies to direct the co-op and strive to make sure that PCC provides what you, the members, want.
  • The PCC board hires a CEO to manage the business. The CEO hires and oversees PCC staff (who are also members) to operate and take care of the co-op for other members.
  • We use the members’ investment and our annual net earnings to bring products that our members want to market, support the community, remodel our stores and open new stores.
  • We don’t use private equity, venture capital or the stock market to fund our co-op. This is the essence of a community-owned business.
  • We support local events, projects and community-based organizations that share our values.
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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, elected by the Active Membership (other than the CEO, who is an ex officio Trustee), directs PCC. The Board must have not less than seven and not more than 13 trustees.  Each trustee serves a three-year term, with generally three positions open for election each year. A trustee may serve no more than three consecutive elected terms. For more information, please see Section 3.4 of PCC’s Bylaws.

Meet the board and learn more about board responsibilities, board meetings and how to communicate with the board.

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Annual Reports

Our commitment to our members is to deliver success across a triple bottom line. View our most recent co-op purposes reports to see how we’ve done.

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PCC’s Board of Trustees is elected to represent the interests of co-op members. Hearing from members enhances the governance and ongoing betterment of the cooperative for members.

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2019 Election

Voting in the PCC Annual Election closed during the Annual Members’ Meeting on June 26, 2019.

PCC’s Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

The Articles of Incorporation are drafted by PCC and filed with the state as a description of how PCC does business within the limits set by applicable statutes.

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