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Eat like your neighbors grew it, because they did.™

Every beet, blueberry and broccoli crown at PCC bring our values to life in colorful, edible, peak-season glory. It starts with long-held relationships with our local Northwest farmers, because when you know the people who planted the seeds, you know the produce is going to be fresh, flavorful and grown the right way. Our commitment to organic means you can forage fearlessly. And if you’re a kid you can forage freely, because you always get a free piece of fruit on us.

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Simply produce. And maybe a little dirt.

Providing ethically and environmentally friendly local produce has always been our way, because every community deserves the chance to eat fresh, in season and at the peak of flavor. We choose organic to protect our farmworkers, bees and waterways every way we can. And we give preference to produce that is both organic and locally grown, whenever possible. Our selection is 95 percent organic 100 percent of the time.

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Eat fresh, in season and at the peak of flavor.

Discover the typical growing season for organic produce in the Pacific Northwest using our seasonal produce chart.

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Dedicated to generations of family farms.

Washington Farmland Trust secures, preserves and stewards threatened farmland in the Northwest, to ensure that generations of local farmers productively farm it using sustainable, organic methods. The Trust takes its mission one step further than most land trusts by working to place farmers on the property, actively producing food for the local community.

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“When I walk into our produce departments I don’t just see fruit and vegetables, I see relationships. Personal relationships and long-standing partnerships throughout the supply chain, with people who care and are passionate about organic produce, the environment and their communities. I know the people who supply us this food, I have walked the fields with them, I have shared meals with them. We work together to bring this food to your table.”


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