Where your good can grow.

PCC Community Markets is Seattle’s original — and the nation’s largest — certified organic, community-owned food market. What started with a few Seattle families in 1953 is now a passionate community that believes in the power of good food and the potential of good people; a place where the best of the Northwest comes together, from the produce we stock to the people we hire.

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Yasab Pfister
Cashier | Burien

With Boeing and Sea-Tac nearby, Burien PCC gets busy, especially around lunchtime. But the stress-free vibe that cashier Yasab Pfister brings to the store makes every minute you’re there feel welcoming and laid back. He’s a real people person. “I like to make everyone happy,” he says. “That’s my goal in life.” And that’s something that comes through loud and clear for his regular customers who wait in line just to strike up a conversation with him.

Staff Benefits & Perks

Whether you’re looking for your first job or searching for a place to put down roots and flourish, PCC offers competitive wages, varied schedules and exceptional benefits and perks.

Our Co-op

As a co-op, PCC is community-owned. We’re accountable only to our members — which includes all our staff — and our profits go directly back to our stores, members and the communities we serve.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

For many of our staff, working at PCC isn’t just about a paycheck. It’s also about our commitment to — and their passion for — social and environmental responsibility.


If you’re a people person, you’re a PCC person. Maybe it’s our co-op roots, or maybe it’s our Northwest nature, but kindness and diversity are among the top things we value in our culture at PCC. We’re also keen on collaboration and a passion for service. As one of the most trusted grocers in Seattle, we look to our staff members to build trust — with our members and shoppers, and with each other. Perhaps that’s why nearly 20 percent of our staff have been with the co-op for more than a decade, and we’re consistently voted one of Seattle’s best grocers.