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Good for your wallet. Good for the environment.

We like to think of bulk as a shopper’s not-so-secret weapon. Find your favorite items in the right amount for you, or test out new products without investing in an entire bag. Our bins are replenished often, so ingredients stay fresh. Best of all, buying in bulk is a sustainable choice, because it substantially reduces the amount of packaging.

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Easily search for the items you need.

Our bulk search makes it easy to explore the scores of options available (along with nutritional information and cooking instructions). We even offer a reverse look-up: Unsure whether that bag in your pantry is spelt flour or multigrain pancake mix? Simply type in the bin number into the bulk search. Mystery solved!

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We’re small-print sleuths so you don’t have to be.

We give first priority to organic, non-GMO and locally made ingredients. You can trust that if we wouldn’t bring it home to our own families, we won’t carry it. You’ll find a wide variety of organic options in bulk, including fresh ground nut butters, rice and grains, beans, herbs, spices, oils, baking ingredients, coffee and more.

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