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Molly Moon scooping ice cream

The scoop on Seattle’s queen of ice cream

When Molly Moon Neitzel came to Seattle, artisan ice cream shops were almost unheard of in our rainy region. She’s led a frosty renaissance showing that sustainable, ethical businesses can be profitable—and delicious.

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The cool, creative path to great vegan ice cream

The owners of Frankie & Jo’s share secrets of plant-based ice creams and sorbets in unique flavors like “beet strawberry rose” and “salty caramel ash.”

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New research on whole grains and health

Whole grains are widely associated with decreased risk for several chronic diseases. New research sheds some light on the mechanisms behind those health benefits.

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Delight in the world’s first Little Free Bakeries

Joyous creativity and kindness fuels these boxes around the region stocked with free cookies and cake.

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Fast, fun stir-frying with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and “The Wok”

“Culinary nerd” J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has brought the science of great cooking to readers for years. His latest book, “The Wok: Recipes and Techniques” is a definitive guide to the phenomenally useful cooking tool.

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The local farmer who turned trash into a farm-saving treasure

Jason Weston is a legend. He’s “The Planet Jr. Guy,” the person who recognized the value in a vintage tractor from generations past.

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Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes

The Cherokee Purple puzzle: Should we rename famous seeds?

While seed names can be a beautiful connection to identity, culture, worldview and history, seed growers are grappling with old names that are derogatory or incorrect.

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How to live gluten-free, joyfully

Shauna James Ahern, the original Gluten-Free Girl, has advice for living gluten-free and a savory recipe.

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Trade in unwanted roosters at this farm co-op

Count your chickens…do you have too many, or any roosters you can’t keep? The chicken trade-in program at Monroe Farm Co-op is the sort of thing that gets whispered from one urban chicken owner to another.

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For some families, gardening starts with food benefits

Few people realize that federal SNAP benefits can be used for growing their own fresh produce.

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Quinoa field

From okra to amaranth, plants help new residents “grow home”

The Tilth Alliance seeks to provide culturally relevant edible plant starts for refugee, immigrant, and low-income communities to help them grow the foods they know and enjoy.

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A Q&A with FEEST

PCC partner FEEST is working with youth leaders on “Making Justice Irresistibly Delicious.”

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Policy Wins Spring Up

Read about a rewarding series of wins on policy issues that PCC has supported, including organic cows, kelp habitat and composting.

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PCC Customer Service Stars

Meet Beatrice Holbert of the Bellevue PCC and Andres Besa of the Columbia City PCC!

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Sustainability Report

See highlights of PCC’s annual Co-op Purposes Report. Achievements include eliminating approximately 100,000 single-use plastic water bottles.

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California’s green grid  •  World food prize  •  Culinary program saved  •  Soil health program  •  Black farmers and wealth  •  Bird-friendly beef?  •  Cropland control  •  Plant fungus decoded  •  Energy-efficient lights  •  Microplastics concerns  •  Sustainable Yakima  •  Seed libraries sprout  •  People’s gardens  •  Antibiotics in beef  •  Insects in decline  •  Recycling rates drop

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Letters to the Editor

Rural underserved farmers  •  Membership emails  •  Compostable produce bags  •  Reduce plastic use  •  Colloidal silver ban

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Member Spotlights

To celebrate the milestone of exceeding 100,000 members, we’re spotlighting PCC members who help the co-op thrive.

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