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Budget Thanksgiving

Trimming Costs for Holiday Meals

Sumptuous holiday meals don’t have to break the budget. We have a mix of dollar-stretching tricks, recipes and tough-love guidance for a festive feast.

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Recipes Make Great DIY Gifts

We’re sharing three delicious PCC recipes that make thoughtful, pretty presents for everyone from family members to holiday hosts to colleagues at work.

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Holiday Gift Picks from PCC’s Staff

Looking for great gift ideas? We asked PCC staff for their top picks from store shelves.

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Hello, Robin! Meet Some of Seattle’s Best Cookies

Hear the sweet story behind Robin Wehl-Martin’s fabulous cookies, now available as take-and-bake dough at PCC. She also shares a recipe and tips for great baking, and she’ll teach a PCC holiday class.

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Cooking with Cast-Iron Skillets

Cast-iron skillets are amazingly useful, surprisingly simple… and frequently misunderstood. Jackie Freeman has tips for their successful use and shares a recipe from her new cookbook, “Cast Iron Skillet One Pan Meals.”

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New Hope for Avoiding “Forever” Chemicals

Learn about the hazards of so-called “forever” chemicals, new legislation around their use, and how you can best avoid them.

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Mara Farm

Harvesting Skills, Community — and Crops — on a Rare Historic Farm

At Marra Farm in South Park, one of the few remaining pieces of Seattle’s agricultural history, three non-profit organizations are growing a new future.

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Community Voices

A Q&A with PCC partner Solid Ground, founded in 1974 as an emergency food bank, clothing bank and employment program. Its 22 different programs and services now help some 67,000 households per year.

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Sugar and the Immune System

Each person processes sugar differently. Our Bastyr University correspondent discusses how the typical seasonal uptick in eating sweets can affect your body.

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In the Bag: What’s the Best Way to Pack Groceries?

See how our expert staff members packed balanced bags in a fast and friendly and food-safe way at a recent bagging competition.

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Crop fields

Big Federal Gains for Climate and Organic Agriculture

Thankfully, 2022 brought some much-needed federal progress on the critical issues of climate change and climate-smart food production.

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Soda Tax Funds Support Food Equity Programs

A tax on sweetened beverages will help 22 local programs provide nutritious, affordable and culturally relevant food to their communities.

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Future farmers • City Fruit grant • Tree canopy • Local farm support • Marine-safe plastics? • Agave crops • Pesticide research • Organics inspiration • Climate change poll • E. Coli and lettuce • Certified bee campus • Non-GMO labels • Skagit farmland preserved • Roundup lawsuits • Sea otter reintroduction • Salmonella regulation

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Letters to the Editor

LaCroix natural flavorings • Electronic gift cards • Cut back on meat • Good news • Glyphosate in oats • Plastic trays • Teen cooking classes

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PCC Customer Service Stars

Meet Deborah Mattingly from the Kirkland PCC and James Dickey from the Green Lake Village PCC!

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PCC Community Markets Seeks Qualified Applicants for Its Board of Trustees

Help guide the future of the largest community-owned grocer in the country.

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