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Holiday 2017

Explore seasonal ways to use locally grown pears, learn to make gratin with our simple technique and give savory cookies a whirl.


Perfect Pears

Elegant yet versatile, pears are an outstanding addition to your holiday table, whether you prefer the firm, russeted Bosc or the tender, buttery Bartlett.

’Tis the Season for Yams

Forget your great aunt’s casserole with all those marshmallows — yams can be incorporated into a slew of delicious, seasonal dishes.

Craving Cranberries

Celebrate cranberries’ festive hue and tart, snappy flavor in everything from sweets to salads.

Holiday recipe collections

Holiday Meats Worth Celebrating

From turkey to game hens, rib roast to lamb, make your centerpiece shine with one of our seasonal recipes. 

Holiday Appetizers

From casual snacks like Cocktail Meatballs to the dressier Pancetta-wrapped Wild Prawns, these appetizers suit a wide variety of gatherings.

Pumpkin Desserts for the Holidays

Start with our beloved pumpkin pie that uses fresh milk and cream and explore creative riffs on the ingredient du jour.

More seasonal recipes

Eat the last crispy corners left in the brownie pan.

Try our Avocado Brownies