Become a Vendor With PCC

Exceeding standards is our starting point.

PCC Community Markets is the nation’s largest food cooperative and a certified organic retailer. Over the last 70 years, our customers have come to rely on us for our high standards — every product we carry is thoroughly vetted by our experts — and focus on local Northwest growers and makers. We value deep connections with producers and we’re ready to get to know you!
The owner of The Brown Pecan, a vendor with PCC.

How to apply to Become a PCC Vendor

number 1

Check our standards.

Read through the standards we have set for your product’s department. Do you meet them? Great!

number 2

Fill out agreements.

Complete any applicable checklists and agreements so we can ensure your products meet the necessary product standards.

number 3

Submit your new vendor packet.

Package up all the required pieces and information, send it in the mail and wait for a response!

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Dairy & Cheese

PCC Fresh Milk Standard >
PCC Inclusive Trade Program Agreement (Optional) >



Have products in multiple departments?

View All PCC Standards

New Vendor Checklist

Before you submit your product for consideration, make sure you have all your pieces buttoned up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vendor contact information, including email address and phone number
  • Actual product samples with product UPCs
  • Ingredient lists and nutritional information
  • Delivered cost to PCC; distributor information, if applicable
  • Proof of product certifications such as Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, etc.
  • PCC vendor and supplier agreements, as applicable
  • For all DSD vendors: a Certificate of Insurance, showing a minimum $1 million General Liability Policy and listing PUGET CONSUMERS CO-OP as an additional insured, is required before orders for approved products are placed.

Have everything complete? Mail your New Vendor Packet to:

PCC Community Markets
3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98121

Frequently Asked Questions

Ship your New Vendor Packet with a carrier that offers delivery verification.

Due to building security, we cannot guarantee access to our floor to drop off your samples. We prefer that any samples are shipped or that you coordinate with your respective PCC merchandiser.

We receive a large volume of samples and we appreciate your patience. If we are interested, we will provide feedback and guidance regarding your products. If you do not receive a response, it is likely that your products don’t currently meet our product standards.

Choose from a variety of distributors or you may distribute yourself to all or select PCC location. Here is a list of our most frequently used distributors by department:

Beer, Wine & Spirits
Click Distributing
Columbia Distributing Grape Expectations
Noble Wines, Ltd.
Odom Distributing
Southern Wine and Spirits
Vehrs, Inc.
Vinum Importing and Distributing

Books and Publications
Workman Publishing
Mountaineers Books
Sterling Publishing
Harper Collins Publishers
Random House, Inc.
Ingram Publisher Services
Small Changes

Deli and Bakery
Distribution Partners, Inc. (DPI)
Pacific Food Importers
R & K Foods

Crown Pacific
R & K Foods
Specialty Frozen, Inc.

Health & Body Care
Frontier Natural Products Co-op
Northbest Natural Products
Threshold Enterprises

Meat & Seafood
Clipper Ship, Inc.
Corfini Gourmet
Mondo’s Meats
Plymouth Poultry

Northwest Specialty Produce
Organically Grown Company
Pacific Coast Fruit Company
Peterson Fruit Company

PCC’s merchandisers can help facilitate placement of your products with an appropriate distributor.

A broker is a representative paid by commission, retainer or a combination of the two. A broker is responsible for negotiating product placement with retailers and distributors, and handling the respective paperwork and follow-up. Brokers can negotiate promotional calendars between manufacturers and retailers, and typically are responsible for placing approved products onto the shelves at the stores. The need and use of a broker is at the sole discretion of the vendor.

No, store staff members are not responsible for new item authorization. PCC’s merchandisers make all new item decisions and approved items are communicated to our stores through a systematic process. Please submit new items to our co-op office to ensure our merchandisers see the products.