Feeding our community

As an organic, community-owned grocer, we believe everyone has the right to healthy, fresh food.

We approach food accessibility on many levels. We address current needs in the emergency food system through our grocery rescue program and with contributions to food banks and small farms using funds raised by PCC members, shoppers and staff. Through these long-standing programs, we provide immediate support to more than 40 organizations and family-owned farms.

In our stores, we carry a line of organic products available at a lower price point that still meets our standards, and we offer dozens of products in bulk. We identify weekly specials and discounted products as well and accept EBT across our locations.

We also look for ways to address larger, systemic issues related to food access and nutrition. We’re committed to listening, learning and growing with our community to build a food system grounded in dignity and driven by equity. To this end, we are constantly assessing, evolving and innovating our programs and advocating for food access at the policy level.

As we continue to grow, so too does our commitment to our community.

In Our Stores

At PCC, our goal is to make organic food accessible to all of our shoppers. We offer “PCC Value” discounted products and all kinds of options in our bulk department.

In Our Community

PCC’s food bank and grocery rescue programs have provided immediate in-kind and financial support to organizations across our region.

Our Partners

We work together with local organizations to create unique programs that have meaningful impact in our community.

See our impact in 2023

In our annual Co-op Purpose Report, we share with our members and shoppers the impact we’re having against our triple bottom line in our communities and beyond.

View 2023 Report

Growing for Good

In partnership with Harvest for Hunger and Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets, we’re connecting local farmers with food banks.

Food Access Policy + Advocacy

We work hard to ensure support for community programs, healthier food options for all and transparency in ingredients and nutrition.

Food System Innovation

At PCC, we are constantly assessing, evolving and innovating our programs, practices and policies to build a sustainable and resilient food system.