Our Commitment

We operate on a triple bottom line, always balancing our economic, social, and environmental impact and results.

As the nation’s largest community-owned food market, we aren’t accountable to private investors or distant shareholders — we are accountable to you, and to our shared commitment to economic, social and environmental responsibility. We consider each of these topics in every decision we make. And because the Pacific Northwest has given us so much, we give back in everything we do.

Honest & Transparent Products

We keep our shelves honest and our staff knowledgeable, and every product passes through the hands of our quality standards experts before it ends up in yours.

Building & Operating Green Stores

From energy and water conservation to LED light fixtures, the design of our stores reflects our deep commitment to sustainability.

Healthy & Sustainable Communities

We keep our priorities straight. People before profit, farms before factories. Our commitment lies with our community.

2022 CO-OP Purposes Report

Producers in fennel field

In 2016, we began publishing an annual Co-op Purposes Report to share with our members and shoppers the impact we’re having against our triple bottom line in our communities and beyond. We use data to measure progress against social and environmental goals, tell the stories of partners who enable us to do what we do and reiterate the values that don’t always show up in numbers, but are often the reasons why our members and shoppers choose PCC time and again.


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Sound Consumer

Straight talk on food, agriculture, and sustainable living.

Advancing Organics

We partner with farmers, vendors, policy makers and nonprofits to build a strong future for organic and sustainable production.

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