Nominating Committee Candidates

This article was originally published in May 2001


The committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for the board. Nominating committee members are elected for one year. You may vote for up to four candidates.

Stewart Rose
My values and positions are the following: that the co-op is owned by the members, that the nominating committee should operate more independently and without a direct board presence, that we should not lose sight of what PCC has come to mean to its member-owners and reinvent ourselves into another typical supermarket just because of increased competition, that our newsletter should continue on its new path of reporting important food-related news and that the board should take a more hands-on approach with the management of the co-op we all own.

Nola Freeman
My interest in serving on the nominating committee stems from a belief that Puget Consumers Co-op continues to have an important place in the Puget Sound region. This organization meets the needs of a population committed to the values of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Since its inception in 1961, PCC has been a shining example in our community of a member-owned food cooperative established on the twin foundations of healthy food distribution and employing persons who are treated equitably and therefore valued. As a nominating committee member, I will collaborate with the other committee members to search for board of trustee candidates whose values and vision reflect those of the PCC mission.

Genevieve Phillips
As a member of PCC for many years, and as a co-host of a local vegetarian cooking show, I am concerned about the impact our personal consumer choices have on a sustainable future. After recently serving my first term on the nominating committee, I have learned much regarding the process of identifying board candidates who demonstrate the desire, commitment, and competence to make complex decisions regarding the future of PCC. I believe this experience, combined with a passion for promoting the values and the financial stability of PCC, offers an enhanced perspective in recognizing qualified future board candidates.

Melanie Porter
I am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the governing process of PCC. As a member of the nominating committee, I would be able to present the board and PCC members with candidates that are representative of my experience. As a current employee of PCC, I have knowledge of what the organization needs at the store level. I have also been on the Board of Trustees of North Country People’s Co-op.

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