For mothers and memory

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This article was originally published in May 2001

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This month, two holidays allow us to acknowledge important people: our mothers and those who have passed on. Honor your mother with a gift in her name. Take her to the benefit concert! She’ll love that you’re saving farmland.

Respond to Betty’s challenge!
Betty Hughes matches every dollar PCC members give to the fund with 50 cents of her own, up to a combined total of $45,000. The challenge lasts through October. Your donation will work overtime to save farmland!

Contribute $100 or more and get a free print!
Original illustrations in color pencil and watercolor by NW artists printed on high quality recycled paper by Good Nature Publishing. “Horticultural Fine Art!” says Sunset Magazine. A $23 value, FREE!

Food for thought
Historian Donald Worster: “Americans, like people in other places and times, have a history of considerable violence toward the land. Violence is typically a sporadic act, ill considered and destructive to the perpetrator as well as the victim; it is never the basis for permanence. What is now required in our agriculture, if it is to be secure, is a rejection of violence. We are in a position to think not only about self-preservation but also about generosity and peace — about ethics.

Linda Waterfall

May 12 benefit concert
“… Totally refreshing and invigorating. The music’s soaked in classical influences, but draws together rock, pop, jazz and folk elements into a label-defying synthesis. Linda’s instrumental prowess elicits the use of superlatives …” — Tony May, Folk Roots (London)

Singer-songwriter Linda Waterfall, the Righteous Mothers and the University Congregational Choir benefit the Farmland Fund in concert Saturday, May 12, at 8 p.m. at the Museum of History and Industry.

Tickets are $12 in advance, $14 at the door, $10 for seniors, available online at, by phone at 206-325-6500 (T-Su 12-6 p.m.), and in all PCC stores. The museum, at 2700 24th Avenue E in Seattle, is wheelchair accessible.

The University Congregational Choir will perform two pieces: “Prayer for the Earth,” written by conductor Robert Scandrett, and “So Much Love,” written by Linda Waterfall. Refreshments from the Greenlake deli will be on sale.

May 12 is the eve of Mother’s Day. This concert would be a great way to honor the mothers in your life. For more information, visit or call 1-877-340-3458.

Righteous Moms

The Righteous Mothers: “I can never decide what I like best about this group: their songwriting, their dynamite performance … their firm grasp of social issues, or their non-stop senses of humor.” — Victory Music

Farmland Fund News Bits

  • April and May: Badger Mountain Vineyards contributes to the Fund 50 cents from every purchase of their organic NSA (no sulfites added) wine sold at PCC.
  • Check out the Farmland Fund page: Click here.
  • June: Café Ambrosia, gourmet vegetarian restaurant on Lake Union, will give to the fund one dollar for every PCC member who dines there during the month. On Summer Solstice, June 21, Café Ambrosia will host a four-course, two-seating event honoring local organic farmers. Look for more information in the June Sound Consumer.
  • Help wanted: A farmland-loving CPA interested in contributing professional skills. Contact Jody Aliesan at 206-547-1222.

Donor Roster, (March 1 – 31)
Anonymous: 4
Jeannine Anderson
Abigail Barden
Barb Berst
Jeannine Brooks
Catherine Farrar
Lucy Hadac
Robin C. Harrison
Susan Henderson
Jessica Hollis
Marilyn Klansnic and Bruce Buls
McShane and Batchelder
Merry O’Brien
Nancy A. Revenig
Judith Rickard
Joan Ritzenthaler
Marjorie Smith
Duane and Bertha White
S. Anne Willard
Matthew and Caryn Woodward
PCC Staff
More than 100 PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Frannie Christensen started her deduction in March and Alicia Guy made a substantial increase in hers in response to Betty Hughes’ challenge.
Businesses and Organizations
Badger Mountain Vineyards
Blue Willow Tea Company
Small Planet Foods
In honor
Clifford Cain’s 70th birthday
Virginia Kelley
In memoriam
Lenore’s Father

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