Fruit salad refresh

This article was originally published in July 2016

fruit salad refresh

Move over marshmallows and mandarin oranges — it’s time for an update on the classic fruit salad. Most fruits are friendly with each other, but being a little more selective as to who mingles with whom can lead to a piquant playground of flavors. And fruit shouldn’t be the only ingredient in your fruit salad. The addition of a vegetable provides an earthy, savory contrast to fruit’s sweetness while herbs and spices add depth of flavor.


Tips for a well-curated fruit salad

Selecting your ingredients:

  • Look for a combination of acidity, sweetness, texture and color when selecting fruits and veggies.

  • Think easy and simple when choosing a dressing. Add a splash of citrus juice or vinegar, or a dollop of yogurt.

  • Punch it up. Mix in a handful of chopped fresh herbs or a sprinkling of spice.

  • Add some interest. Toss in chopped nuts, toasted coconut or salty cheese.


  • Allow firmer, crunchier fruits and veggies to marinate with heartier herbs and spices for a few hours.

  • Toss fruits that tend to discolor, such as peaches, pears, apples, etc., with a bit of citrus or vinegar to prevent from browning.

  • Add soft fruits and herbs, such as berries and basil, and ingredients that tend to bleed, such as berries and beets, just before serving.


Combinations we love

  • Melons + jicama + lime juice + chile powder + cilantro + cotija cheese
  • Pineapple + apricots + cucumber + yogurt + star anise + coconut flakes
  • Peaches + plums + tomatoes + balsamic vinegar + basil
  • Blackberries + roasted beets + red wine vinegar + turbinado sugar + mint + sliced almonds

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