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There’s nothing like a meal made from scratch.

And if you were to call us a little obsessed, you wouldn’t be wrong. From scouting out local, organic ingredients to the moment you taste the masterpiece you just created, nothing else can compare. Our passion is for great food and cooking and we’re here to help you eat colorfully, boldly and with the seasons.

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Fresh, local, organic ingredients distinguish our tasty corner of the world, and our recipes reflect our love for the bounty enjoyed here in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find creations to fit every diet, season and special occasion.

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Hit the trail

Make a batch of our protein-rich trail mix featuring spiced and roasted chickpeas for an easy-to-pack snack that’s perfect for fall hiking.

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How do you choose the right cooking oil? Explore our tips and guides to learn more.

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Beets Can’t Be Beat

One of the most uniquely nutritious vegetables, beets help support blood detoxification and athletic performance.

Eat from scratch whenever you can. And let us cook from scratch for you when you can’t.

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