Chew on this

This article was originally published in February 2016

The texture of your favorite snack might be even more important than the flavor. Do you crave a serious crunch, a satisfying chew or are you drawn most to the fragile realm of crispy snacks? Go sweet or savory with whatever texture you prefer.



Sesame sticksSavory

The satisfying crunch of sesame sticks is hard to beat. Choose between original, with nothing more than sesame seeds and salt, or go spicy with the popular Cajun version.

PCC candied pecansSweet

The spice mix here is pure and simple — nothing more than a touch of salt and cayenne on a base layer of sturdy candied pecans. The mix of sweet and heat is right on point.



Joyfull parmesan crispsSavory

These delicate cheese crisps are just right for nibbling with a glass of wine. The shredded, toasted Parmesan combines the cheese and the cracker in one easy bite.

Hardbite eat your parsnipsSweet

Parsnips have an earthy sweetness that takes well to being made into a thin-sliced chip. Enjoy with your favorite dip or just grab them right out of the bag (there’s no obligation to share).



Turkey jerkySavory

Our most popular jerky, the PCC-brand turkey jerky offers a hit of lean and savory protein that’s just as tasty at home as it is on the trail.

Dried mangoesSweet

Dried mango have some of the most satisfying chew of any snack, and their faintly floral flavor is wonderful dried. Best of all? No artificial colors in the dried mangos at PCC.

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