New board begins to meet

This article was originally published in July 2001

On May 29, the board said farewell to two departing board members, Ed Harley and Carmelita Logerwell, and welcomed Chantal Stevens, John Brennan, and Pat Gibbon to the board, as well as Lori Babcock, who was re-elected.

Don DeSantis was chosen as the new board chair.

The board also organized three task forces to address some of its workload for the next few months. The Member Linkage Task Force will plan member linkage opportunities for the year, including the annual meeting follow-up scheduled for September and the final board breakfast forum for the year. This task force will also be responsible for board communications in the Sound Consumer. Mel Jackson is chairing the task force, with Don DeSantis, John Brennan and Chantal Stevens.

The Nominating Process Task Force will review the process for nominating board candidates and potentially recommend changes, which would require amendment of the bylaws by a vote of the members. Don DeSantis will chair this task force; Chantal Stevens, Reed Schilbach, and John Brennan will serve on it.

The bylaws and articles will also require a review against the revised state statute under which PCC was incorporated. After staff and attorney review these documents, this task force may take on the board level review, or a new task force may be formed to handle this.

The Board Development Task Force will plan training and development activities for the board for the coming year. Lori Babcock will chair this task force. Pat Gibbon and Bob Cross will serve on it.

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday, July 31, at the PCC offices, 4201 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle. The board meets from 5 p.m. on. Portions of the meeting are in executive (closed) session; please call Kathy Blackman, Board Administrator, at 206-547-1222 x126 to learn the open portions of the meeting. The opportunity for members to address the board directly is at 7 p.m. Please contact Kathy prior to the meeting if you are planning to come and speak.

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