Teatime treats

This article was originally published in September 2016

Seattle is more known for its coffee culture than afternoon tea, but these treats have tremendous appeal for a weekend gathering with friends or book club snacks the next time a British author is featured.

Today’s hotels sometimes call the meal “high tea.” This sounds elegant when you’re calling for reservations, but the historic roots refer to the high stools that factory workers would sit on to eat a hearty meal before completing their afternoon shifts. The simple “afternoon tea” was invented by the Duchess of Bedsford in the 19th century. If your own afternoons are long and busy, finding time to sit and enjoy a homemade snack will offer a welcome pick-me-up around 3 p.m.

These days, it’s up to you to make it fancy or keep it simple; we aimed for the middle with our Seattle-style tea party, which features five recipes that offer a pleasing balance between savory and sweet. While they work wonderfully as a set, the scones or cookies by themselves would be welcome at the office.

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