20-second health tip

This article was originally published in September 2016

The Centers for Disease Control calls hand washing a “do-it-yourself vaccine,” particularly when it comes to controlling the spread of respiratory and digestive illnesses. Getting it right is easy, but developing the habit is just like changing any other health habit: You need to commit.

20-second health tip

1. Get wet

The temperature doesn’t appear to affect microbes, but use running water rather than a basin. If you have sensitive skin, hot water might increase irritation from soap, so cool or warm water is fine. Turn the tap off after your hands are wet.

2. Lather

Get the soap between your fingers, under your nails and across the backs of your hands. Unless you work in health care, an antibacterial soap isn’t necessary. If using one that smells great encourages your habit, choose your favorite scent!

3. Scrub

Global organizations recommend 20 seconds — more if you’ve been tending an ill person. Less time spent on this step seems to result in reduced germ removal. Sing a few bars of the tune stuck in your head or count slowly to 20.

4. Rinse

Again, use running water rather than a basin, so you don’t recontaminate your hands. The CDC has not found any studies to support turning the tap off with a paper towel — it just leads to using more towels.

5. Dry

Germs can be transferred more easily to and from wet hands. Whether you use a clean towel or an air dryer is up to you. Launder your home’s cloth towels frequently, particularly if a virus is going around town.


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