Shortcut wonders

This article was originally published in September 2016

Hectic weeknights can lead to a scramble come dinnertime and eating out can get tiresome (and expensive). We’ve identified several ingredients that are already prepped and ready for cooking, so you can save time without having to compromise on quality or flavor.


The Essential Baking Company Pizza Dough

While pizza dough contains just a few simple ingredients, waiting for the dough to rise can take an hour or more. Organic pizza dough from Seattle’s The Essential Baking Company, available in the freezer section, provides a quick alternative. Roll it out to your desired size and make a pizza or mix it up and try our recipe for Stromboli. We use salami, pepperoni and roasted bell peppers, but any pizza topping will work.

Stahlbush Island Farms Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is one of the best flavors of fall but peeling and dicing this hearty gourd can take a heck of a lot of time. Stahlbush Island Farms has done the heavy lifting for you with their Non-GMO Project Verified butternut squash, which has been diced into small chunks and then frozen. Sold in 10-ounce bags, it’s ready for roasting and can be incorporated into a hash or gratin, added to sautés or tossed into soup. Try our recipe for Curried Butternut Squash Soup — it comes together in less than an hour!

Organic Valley Liquid Egg Whites

Separating the yolk from the white can be tedious and tricky, not to mention a bit of a mess. Enter Organic Valley’s Liquid Egg Whites. Sold in a 16-ounce carton, the whites are the equivalent of eight eggs. They’re also certified organic and free-range, packing six grams of protein into each serving and containing zero cholesterol and fat. Lighten up any dish that call for eggs with these whites and try our recipe for Mini Beet Greens Frittatas. These single-serving frittatas make a great meal when served alongside salad or soup.

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