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This article was originally published in September 2016

Stock your pantry with our new line of affordable organic and Non-GMO Project Verified staples from Field Day, in BPA-free packaging. Along with a wide range of foods, you’ll find high quality household necessities like recycled tissues and chlorine-free baby wipes.


There are more choices than just mild, medium or hot, although those are available. Try rich fire-roasted, one with extra garlic or a fun, well-seasoned blend of black beans and corn.

Tortilla chips

Use them as a base for nachos or chilaquiles, or just open ’em up at next week’s halftime. Along with blue and yellow corn varieties, look for multigrain or sweet potato.

Snack bars

Whether your palate (or your kid’s palate) prefers fruity or nutty, these snack bars will satisfy. Depending on the flavor, you’ll find Non-GMO Project Verified, organic, gluten free and whole grain options.


Put some aside for a classic green bean casserole or keep organic corn on hand for terrific corn chowder this fall — either way, they’ll come in handy for seasonal recipes.

Peanut butter

Creamy or crunchy, salted or unsalted, peanut butter is one ingredient that countless families make sure to have on hand year-round. Aside from sandwiches, don’t forget about homemade cookies or Thai dipping sauce for grilled chicken!


You’ll want cartons of broth on hand as the weather shifts into soup season. Choose between organic chicken, beef or vegetable, each with a low sodium option.


Choose between organic and crunchy whole wheat or Non-GMO Project Verified stone-ground crackers — or go classic with organic Golden Round Crackers for a kid-friendly snack.


Organic, unseasoned basic bean varieties include black, great Northern, kidney, garbanzo and cannellini. You’ll also find refried options and seasoned ranchero chili beans!

Oil & vinegar

The classic combination for dressing a salad or dipping bread, these are the basics you reach for daily. The olive oil is Spanish and the balsamic is Italian; they’re both organic.


With a good jar of sauce on hand, there’s no faster dinner! All the pastas (spaghetti, capellini or linguine) are organic, whether they’re made with durum wheat or gluten-free brown rice.

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