A perfect pie crust

Taste November 2015

With just three required ingredients, pie crust is one of the simplest things to bake. However, its very simplicity means that the proper execution is the key. Chilling the fat and liquid is critical, as is the technique: the goal is uniform pea-sized pieces of butter with no big chunks. If you don’t have a food processor to do the mixing, your fingers will work just fine.

Find our recipe for Classic Butter Pie Crust.


3 appealing pumpkin pies

These three pies offer something for different kinds of pumpkin lovers: the classic is made with fresh cream and milk; the vegan has a silken tofu custard that’s light and fluffy like mousse, and the gingersnap crust offers a spicy crunch that offsets its creamy chiffon filling for a modern take on the American tradition.

Bake a perfect pumpkin pie with one of our recipes.



Butter and shortening are the most flexible choices; lard and coconut oil have stronger flavors which are excellent if matched with the filling or blended 50/50 with a second fat. All fats should be chilled firm, cut into very small pieces and chilled again.


Fresh-tasting flour is a priority, so if you don’t bake often, smell your flour first to make sure it hasn’t picked up off flavors from pantry storage. All-purpose is great, or mix in up to 50 percent whole grain (spelt and kamut are both good choices).


Ice water is all you need! Use just enough for the dough to hold together. Not enough and it will be difficult to roll; too much and it will be sticky to roll (and not bake up crispy). Chilled vodka can be used in place of some of the water — there’s test kitchen proof that it slightly improves the flakiness of crusts as it is baked.


Salt isn’t truly necessary, but can improve the flavor, particularly for a savory pie. All-shortening crusts don’t brown as well as butter, but a pinch of sugar can help.


Depending on what you grew up with, you might call a pie-baking container a pie pan, plate, dish or tin. Whatever your preference, you’ll find these sturdy U.S.-made dishes from USA Pan useful. They’re shiny stainless steel, which is lightweight for taking to a friend’s house and will slow the browning of your crust edges a bit, compared to glass or ceramic.


Simple tips to perfect pie dough

PCC Chef Jackie Freeman walks you through the basic steps to perfect pie dough in this helpful video. Don’t fear using your fingertips!


6 techniques for a pretty pie

Finish your pie crust off with a technique that suits your time and ability. Whichever you choose, it’ll be lovely!


Love leaf lard?

Ours is as high quality as our other meats, sourced from Pure Country Pork in Ephrata, Wash. Find it in the meat department freezer case in most stores, or ask for a special order if you can’t find it. To render it, just follow our recipe. You can also find Tendergrass rendered lard in the grocery aisle.

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