A well-seasoned turkey

This article was originally published in November 2015

Brining turkeys has been popular for years now — it’s a reliable way to add both flavor and moisture. Dry brining is a similar method that still flies a little under the radar, but it’s worth exploring. There’s no water involved, it uses much less salt and the skin will crisp up wonderfully. The method needs only salt and pepper for a classic roast turkey, or go for the almost curry-like version and grill up an intensely flavored masterpiece. Equipment-wise, all you need is a roasting pan and space in the fridge for at least one day. These recipes work equally well on turkey breast or chickens, in addition to whole turkeys.


Turkey recipes

Find our complete recipes for a simple dry-brined and roasted bird, and a flavorful spice-rubbed, dry-brined version.

Turkey food safety

Wash your hands, not the bird! PCC Chef Jackie Freeman walks you through a few basics that will help minimize potential issues and help you achieve a delicious holiday turkey.

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