Terrific tofu

This article was originally published in September 2015

terrific tofu

A pioneer in the U.S tofu market, Luke Lukoskie of Island Spring Organics started crafting protein-rich tofu on Vashon Island in 1976. What started out as a small venture in a 14-square-foot shed has today turned into a full-scale operation that produces more than one million pounds of organic tofu a year.

PCC has enjoyed a relationship with Island Spring for more than 30 years; these days, you’ll find a selection of firm, extra-firm, steamed and silken options in our stores. The PCC Deli uses Island Spring’s product exclusively in its dishes.

3 to try from the PCC Deli

tandoori tofu

Tandoori Tofu

This marinated tofu is coated with a mixture of spices inspired by the aromatics of India and roasted in sesame oil to develop a flavorful crust. Enjoy all on its own or pair with rice and veggies.

curried tofu cashew salad

Curried Tofu Cashew Salad

Similar to chicken salad, this dish features roasted tofu tossed in a creamy yellow curry dressing along with celery, peas and toasted cashews. It’s fantastic enveloped in a pita or wrapped in lettuce leaves.

tofu in the hot bar

Tofu in the hot bar*

Stop by the hot bar for a rotating selection of seasonal dishes. While the menu varies, you’ll always find at least one dish featuring tofu, such as:
Tofu Scramble, Steph’s Tofu Rama, Orange Cashew Tofu, Mango Curry Tofu, or Buffalo Tofu.
*Not available at Kirkland PCC

Island Spring Organics

Video: Island Spring Organics

Take a tour of Island Spring Organics in our Meet Our Producers video.

quick cooks tofu

Quick Cooks: Tofu

Discover which tofu is best for different preparations and learn how to whip up a simple marinade for extra flavor.

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