Community grant: John Rogers Elementary

This article was originally published in September 2015

John Rogers

Pictured (l-r): Drew Hunter, View Ridge PCC Assistant Store Director; Rebecca Reid, beekeeper and parent; Duncan Reid, John Rogers 4th grader; Evelynn Reid, John Rogers alum; Valerie McGregor, John Rogers kindergarten teacher.

We’re excited to announce that our third Community Grant of 2015 has been awarded to John Rogers Elementary in northeast Seattle.

The school offers an ecology-based program for kindergarten students that focuses on honeybees. Over the course of six lessons, students learn about basic insect anatomy, pollination, why it’s important to help bees and how to help bees. Activities include a song and dance, “pollinating” paper flowers, tasting honey, planting vegetables and herbs in the school garden, observing a hive and more.

Our grant will extend this educational program for another two years. On the last day of the program, each child receives “Busy, Buzzy Bee” — an age appropriate, scientifically accurate book about honeybees they can read with their families. Grant money will help purchase more of these books and also go toward fresh fruits and vegetables for the kids to sample as well as plants for the school garden.

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