1 Chicken, 3 Meals

This article was originally published in March 2015

soba noodle stir fry

The PCC Deli roasted chickens begin with Northwest-grown free-range birds raised on GMO-free feed. The obvious use is to eat it up with a side salad, but with a bit of creativity, you can get more from these birds than a single meal.

Meal 1: Braised Kale & Chickpeas

Slice the white meat

With a satisfyingly smoky side dish with lots of texture, a smaller amount of meat rounds off the meal nicely. Try a slice of chicken with a big helping of Braised Kale with Chickpeas and Smoked Paprika, and you’ll have a great dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes.

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Try these brands for great recipe results

  • Cadia Organic Garbanzos
  • Pimenton de la Vera (sweet or hot smoked Spanish paprika)

Meal 2: Quick Soba Stir-fry

Shred the dark meat

A delicious way to turn the drumsticks into a tasty dinner, this stir-fry needs just a cup of shredded chicken meat and a heap of fresh vegetables, rounded off with quick-cooking soba noodles and prepared teriyaki sauce.

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Try these brands for great recipe results

  • Hakubaku Soba Noodles
  • San-J Teriyaki Sauce

Meal 3: Farro with Chicken Broth, Fennel & Chévre

Make broth

This dish is the perfect transition between winter and spring, with organic whole grains brightened up with roasted fennel and fresh goat cheese. The last bits of the chicken are used to make a quick, rich homemade broth for cooking the emmer.

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Try these brands for great recipe results

  • Bluebird Grain Farms Organic Emmer Farro
  • Laura Chenel fresh chévre

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