Crown your holiday feast

This article was originally published in December 2012

Crown your holiday feast with a decadent rib roast, tender leg of lamb or a rich, rosy slab of Copper River Salmon, each bite more delicious than the last.


Beef rib roast

Fragrant, tender and juicy, beef rib roast makes a grand centerpiece and offers memorable flavor (not to mention, amazing leftovers for sandwiches!). Our beef hails from three esteemed producers and our recipe keeps it simple to allow the nuanced flavor of the beef to take center stage. Reserve online »

Copper River Salmon

Yes, it’s the harbinger of spring. But our fish buyers thought ahead and froze a number of these impossibly rich fillets at their peak for our enjoyment during the chilly months. Savor its wild flavor simply; with a coat of olive oil, salt and pepper, to taste; baked in a 350° F for 15 to 20 minutes. Or, create a more elaborate presentation with our recipe for Hazelnut Crusted Salmon.

Leg of lamb

Delicate and sweet, our grass-fed lamb is raised upon emerald pasture by Umpqua Valley Lamb, a trio of farming families in Oregon. Enjoy your lamb stuffed with herbs and garlic and roasted. Or, try it roasted Greek style.

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