What’s in store for December

This article was originally published in December 2012

In the produce department

Sweet Satsumas

A bright beacon on any holiday table, Satsuma Mandarin oranges are a happy reminder that sweetness abounds in the darkness of winter. They boast plenty of heart-healthy vitamin C, plus folate and potassium, and help boost immunity during cold-and-flu season. Our organic Satsumas are grown by Rich Johansen of Johansen Ranch in Orland, Calif., who has supplied PCC with these tree-ripened gems for the past two decades. Surrounded by mountains — the Sierras to the east, the coastal range to the west — Johansen Ranch has been in operation for more than a century, beginning in 1910. Enjoy this zesty citrus out of hand or make a batch of Satsuma and Pomegranate Salsa or a glaze for your holiday ham.


In the floral department

Local, elegant wreaths

Add color and warmth to your home with a beautiful, aromatic holiday wreath. Each wreath is handcrafted at Alm Hill Gardens in Everson, Wash., from sustainably sourced materials. Alm Hill is one of three farms that comprise Growing Washington — a nonprofit collective of new generation and Latino farmers whose mission is to grow, raise and represent food and farmers in Washington state. When you select one of these long-lasting holiday wreathes, you support local farmers while celebrating the holiday season.


In the PCC Deli

Complete holiday meals

Made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, our complete holiday meals only need to be heated before serving. Special to December, our Smoked Rib Roast Meal makes a fantastic dinner for groups of six or more. Along with the main course and a handpicked assortment of favorite holiday sides, it includes your choice of a couple dishes that suit you and your guests’ tastes. Our Ham Meal, Roasted Turkey Meal or Field Roast Meals also will be available.

Each meal includes fresh-baked rolls from The Essential Baking Company and your choice of Pumpkin, Vegan Pumpkin or Apple Pie, fresh-baked from the PCC Bakery.

Is your family recipe for ham too good to pass up? Order our Sides-only Meal, which features everything but the main course and pie.

For a detailed description of each meal and to order online, visit pccnaturalmarkets.com/holiday, or your neighborhood PCC Deli to place your order in person.

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