Pears with appeal

This article was originally published in November 2011

Whether perfectly round or shaped like a bell, fresh, organic pears offer a juicy, subtle sweetness eaten as a snack, sliced into salads, paired with lovely cheeses or baked into any number of luscious desserts.

Unlike most fruit, pears improve in both texture and flavor after picking, transforming from gritty and dry to smooth and buttery. PCC offers several varieties of organic pears just ripe for the picking.


Succulent, delectable organic options

Pears are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, copper, and vitamin K. They’re also extremely versatile in the kitchen. Use them as you would apples. And remember that, as with all seasonal fruit, supply will vary by the month. Call ahead to ensure your favorite is available!


The first organic pear of the harvest, pale green, golden or blush. A sweet and juicy snack, and also the most common variety for canning. Our Bartletts are grown by Scott Leach Orchards in Zillah, Wash.


A sweet, yellow-green and juicy winter pear often seen with a blush of red, lovely to eat out of hand or slice into salads.

Anjou or D’Anjou

These bell-shaped pears boast pale green or red skins and are a delight whether cooked or enjoyed raw. Grown locally by Scott Leach Orchards in Zillah, Wash.


This firm, sweet-tart pear typically boasts an elegant, slender neck and russeted, yellow skin. It holds its shape beautifully when baked or poached. Grown locally by River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash.


Organic varieties at PCC include golden 20th Century pears and bronze-skinned Housi. Both of these apple-shaped pears make juicy, crunchy snacks.


Crisp, tangy, and refreshingly sweet, known for its smaller size and unique yellow-green, freckled skin. Good for snacking, cooking, and on a cheese tray.


This brilliant, crimson pear is aromatic, moist and sweet with a floral essence, gorgeous in salads.


Bite-sized, crunchy and ultra-sweet, Seckel pears stand out with their tiny size and beautiful olive-green skin with a maroon blush. A good snack for kids or as a garnish.

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