Enchanting chanterelles

by Lydia Cox

This article was originally published in November 2011

chanterelle mushrooms

Plucked from the forest floor, chanterelle mushrooms provide a true taste of the local landscape — the conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Their apricot-like aroma is augmented by a subtle, peppery flavor that offers a richness prized by chefs everywhere. Meaty and chewy, chanterelles must be cooked for their full flavor to truly shine. These golden beauties work well in butter, oil and cream, and they also hold up in recipes using wine or other cooking alcohols. Try this recipe for Sherried Leek and Wild Chanterelle Gravy.

When selecting chanterelles, choose mushrooms that are fairly dry to the touch. Remove any dirt or bits of the woods before using; it’s best not to wash them. Learn more about mushrooms »

Get cooking with chanterelles

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