Quality meats ground fresh at PCC

This article was originally published in July 2011

Our freshly ground meats deliver satisfying flavor hot from your grill, tucked inside dumplings, in homemade meatballs and other savory creations.

At PCC, you’ll find range-grazed and organic, grass-fed ground beef options, as well as ground pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. Each variety of meat is ground in-store for quality and freshness and is free of antibiotics, added hormones and growth stimulants. Explore our selection in the meat case or in the frozen meats section.

ground meat

Ground beef

You’ll find certified organic, grass-fed options from Western Grassfed Beef and Non-GMO Project Verified options from Oregon Country Beef. Available in Extra Lean (not to exceed 16 percent fat) and Leanest (not to exceed 9 percent fat). Ground fresh daily at each PCC location.

ground meat

Ground turkey

Slow-grown turkey raised by Diestel Family Turkey Ranch in Sonora, Calif. Great in meatloaf and tacos. Find organic or range-raised Diestel turkey in our freezers or all-natural white or dark meat Diestel turkey ground fresh in our meat department. View Ridge shoppers, call ahead to ensure availability.

ground meat

Ground lamb

Tender grass-fed lamb raised by family-owned Umpqua Valley Lamb in Riddle, Ore. Milder in flavor, higher in protein and lower in fat than grain-fed lamb and ground fresh in our meat department. Rich and delicious in meatballs, sliders and samosas.

ground meat

Ground pork

Raised on non-GMO, locally grown feed by Pure Country Pork in Ephrata, Wash. Succulent and flavorful in dumplings and Asian dishes, and ground fresh in our meat department. Try this recipe for Spicy Lemongrass Pork with Plum Sauce, a fragrant, delicious meal.

ground meat

Ground chicken

Chicken raised by Draper Valley Farms in Mount Vernon, Wash., with access to the outdoors and a diet of non-GMO corn, soy and vitamins, free of antibiotics. Delicious in burgers and soup, it’s ground fresh in our meat department. Organic chicken available in some locations; call ahead to ensure availability.

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