2023 elections are coming

Voting opens April 10

Members, do we have your current email? To receive your link to this year’s ballot for the election of trustees to the PCC Board of Trustees (and to receive member-only offers and giveaways throughout the year), we need your email address! Concerned about receiving too many notifications? Members can elect only to receive member communications here. PCC does not sell or share your emails for other purposes. 

On March 1, the Notice of Annual Meeting for the 2023 election of trustees to the PCC Board of Trustees will be available online at pccmarkets.com. This year, online voting for trustees will be open from April 10 through April 19. The telephonic annual meeting of members will be held on April 20.

Members have asked us what the “record date” is—under Washington law, the Board must establish a date to determine which members are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Remember, under the PCC Bylaws, only members who are Active (meaning you have used your membership within 12 months of the record date) are eligible to vote in the election. This year, the record date is March 1, 2023 and only members who are Active members on that date are eligible to vote in the 2023 election. 

To make sure you don’t miss an email with your unique link to the online ballot and election reminders, we recommend adding pccvoting@electionservicescorp.com to your email contact list. (Election Services Corp. is the independent third party that oversees our online election and will send you your unique ballot.)

Now is also a good time to update your contact information or correct your email address if needed at pccmarkets.com/addresschange. Remember, election details will be on the PCC website, pccmarkets.com, on March 1.

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