A wealth of holiday recipes

What are the plans for your holiday table? If you’re going with turkey, we’re serving up PCC’s traditional dry-brined turkey recipe. For an alternate entree that’s very Northwest, we suggest our slow-roasted salmon.

Looking for a versatile stuffing to accompany your meat or vegetarian main event…or even to stuff inside a whole pumpkin for a showstopping centerpiece? The Celebration Stuffing from PCC’s cookbook, “Cooking from Scratch” (Sasquatch Books, $24.95) can be made either with meat or without. For starters and endings, our endive salad will dress up any table and our flourless chocolate crinkle cookies are both gluten-free and delicious. Or, if oven space is limited, try our old-fashioned ginger-pear “grunt,” cooked on a stovetop, in lieu of—or along with—that pumpkin pie.