Hello, Halibut

This article was originally published in April 2017

halibut facts and recipesNothing ushers in spring for seafood lovers like fresh Alaska halibut, known as the “steak of seafood.” Its snow-white flesh is meaty but tender, with a delicate flavor that comes to life whether you poach, bake, broil or grill it. While it’s a perfect host to all kinds of spices, sauces and garnishes, even the simplest preparation — just a little lemon zest and pepper — is a true luxury.



Wild, sustainable

PCC’s wild halibut arrives to us fresh from the chilly waters off the coast of southeastern Alaska, where the small-boat fishermen use longlines, a fishing method that minimizes habitat damage and accidental catch. These fishermen take extra care with the fish, which results in the top-quality halibut fillets and steaks you’ll find in our seafood departments.

In season

Halibut is in-store fresh from March through mid-November, and frozen year-round.

Good for you

A naturally lean fish, halibut is low in calories and fat, high in protein, and a good source of other nutrients essential to good health.

Cooking tip

Halibut dries out if overcooked, so keep a close watch no matter what cooking method you use. When the fish flakes with a fork, it’s done!


Start cooking

Explore seven fantastic recipes for halibut, including our simple Lemon Pepper Halibut, and try Oven-fried Halibut for a healthier version of fish and chips. Get recipes »

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