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This article was originally published in January 2017

zucchini waffles

You’ll use your waffle iron more often if you expand your recipe repertoire beyond the basic breakfast waffle. Try our recipes for savory waffles, along with a few universal tips to make the process more successful.


Nonstick batter

It’s the fat in your waffle batter that prevents the waffles from sticking. If your waffles always stick, try adding a bit more butter or oil; if you’d rather not, make sure to brush both sides of the iron with the high-heat oil of your choice between each use.

Don’t overmix

The best waffles are mixed by hand with a broad spatula or wooden spoon. You want the batter to be smooth enough to flow into all the nooks and crannies of your waffle iron, but not so thin that it pours all over the counter.

Check the steam or indicator light

Waffles produce a lot of steam while they cook. If your waffle maker doesn’t have an indicator light telling you when the waffle is cooked, just watch the steam. There will be a minimal amount for a lightly crisp waffle, and no steam for a well-toasted one.

Freeze leftovers

Few foods are better suited to freezing than waffles. Once they’ve cooled to room temperature, slide them into freezer bags and label with the date and variety. You can either defrost and then toast, or heat in the oven for about 10 minutes.


5 savory waffle recipes

Check out our savory waffle recipes, including zucchini, mashed potato, cornmeal, falafel and cheese.

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