Crunchy casserole toppers

This article was originally published in November 2015

When it comes to holiday side dishes, what goes on top deserves the same attention as the ingredients in the rest of the dish. By choosing wisely, you can improve the overall flavor while finding the perfect texture.


Lars’ Own Crispy Onions

A high-quality choice with just four ingredients, this is what you need to upgrade your classic green bean casserole. They’re also delicious on scalloped potatoes.

Kinnikinnick Panko-style BreadCrumbs

A gluten-free product with great crunch, these are coarser than breadcrumbs so they’re perfect for sides that call for a substantial layer. They mix well with Parmesan and other grating cheese.

Roth’s Private Reserve

This gorgeous Alpine-style cheese is a firm, nutty cheese with a hint of apple, that cooks up a little gooey and a little crispy. Grate on top of a gratin of winter greens.

Bread Garden breadcrumbs

A locally made spin on a casserole basic, you can choose from either white or whole wheat varieties. Toss with some olive oil before baking to give them a pretty golden color.

Suzie’s Organic Saltines

You’ll want these on hand when it’s time for leftovers, whether you’ve got a casserole in mind or are leaning toward a pot of turkey noodle soup.

Kettle Unsalted Potato Chips

It’s hard to beat potato chips when it comes to crunch, but it’s easy to end up with a casserole that’s too salty. These unsalted chips solve the problem while adding substantial flavor.

Organic bulk pecan halves

Toast these for a few minutes on the stovetop for outstanding flavor, then sprinkle on wild rice dishes or add to your favorite yam dish for classic Southern flair.

Nature’s Path Corn Flakes

An organic, gluten-free and fruit juice-sweetened update on tradition, these are fantastic on cheesy potato casseroles. Use extras as a chocolate chip cookie mix-in or sprinkle on ice cream.


The holidays are a time where small splurges are generally worth making. If you need a firm grating cheese, this nutty, almost spicy, authentic Italian cheese is the perfect finish.

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