Shortcuts from the freezer

This article was originally published in April 2015

Some nights, the ability to shave 10 minutes off the prep time for dinner means the difference between ordering takeout or pulling together a meal that you can feel better about serving. Going “halfway homemade” is a popular route to achieving a home-cooked meal, and the freezer aisle is a great place to start.


Cascadian Farm frozen hashbrowns

There’s nothing fancy about these hash browns — just peeled, shredded organic potatoes that eliminate the usual steps of potato prep. Patted into a pie pan and prebaked, they’re a crispy, delicious and naturally gluten-free crust that matches perfectly with the ham and cheese filling of Quiche Lorraine.

More inspired ideas

  • Use as a topping for Shepherd’s Pie or other casseroles.
  • Combine with Taylor Farms Broccoli Slaw for a healthier update on a latke.


Gretchen’s Grains Organic Wheat Berries

Whole grains are a great way to start your morning — but wheat berries take nearly an hour to cook from scratch. Speed things up with pre-cooked, frozen wheat berries and you’ll have a single serving of our Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowl in just five minutes.

More inspired ideas

  • Add to a hearty soup in place of barley or pasta.
  • Create a salad with your favorite fresh vegetables and vinaigrette.
  • Add at the last moment of cooking to a vegetable stir-fry in place or rice or noodles.


Woodstock Frozen Kale & Broccoli Rabe

Boost the vitamin content and modernize the flavor of classic spanikopita by swapping the spinach with a mixture of frozen kale and broccoli rabe. The latter is known for its distinctive, slightly bitter flavor, which is a wonderful complement to rich feta and olive oil in our Springform Spanikopita.

More inspired ideas

  • Combine with canned beans, bottled sauce and cheese for vegetarian enchiladas.
  • Top a pizza — either homemade or frozen.
  • Toss into an egg scramble with your favorite cheese.

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