Get your garden off on the right foot

This article was originally published in April 2015

For gardeners, April is far from the cruelest month — it’s actually when things can finally get going! By choosing wisely for our climate and making use of simple planting techniques, you can help your seeds and plant starts thrive.

Uprising seeds

We’re proud to offer great vegetable, herb and flower seeds from Washington’s first 100 percent certified organic seed company. Based in Bellingham, Wash., Uprising Seeds offers a terrific selection of pollinator-friendly flowers, interesting culinary herbs and vegetables that suit our maritime climate.

Beans and lettuce are two great choices for those who’ve never tried growing from seeds, and you’ll find many varieties to choose from. Make sure to plant a few flowers like bee balm in your vegetable beds or near your fruit trees, to attract bumblebees and other friendly pollinators. You’ll get bigger produce and more bountiful harvests if your plants are a-buzz when they’re blossoming.

Plant starts

If you’re nervous about growing plants from seeds, head to our plant start section. You’ll discover popular culinary herbs, seasonal and everbearing strawberry plants and many popular vegetables. Unlike plant starts from many stores, ours are certified organic and haven’t been treated with herbicides or pesticides that may potentially harm pollinators.

tipsy slugs

Tipsy slugs

Slugs are the bane of gardens, but beer makes an effective lure. Cut small holes in the lids of shallow 8-ounce tubs and pour in two inches of beer. Bury the tubs halfway, then empty out and refill the traps no more than once per week.

a snappy combo

A snappy combo

Radishes and basil love growing side by side — you might find bigger plants and bolder flavors.

lettuce eat greens

Lettuce eat greens

Sow a small number of lettuce seeds every two weeks for fresh, perfect salads through fall.

bee friendly

Bee friendly

Edible flowers and flowering herbs like nasturtiums, chamomile, borage or anise hyssop add bright spots of color and sweet fragrance to your garden — and delight pollinators, too.

peas first, kale later

Peas first, kale later

Pick up our famous Rents Due Ranch pea starts early in April, then find a broad selection of easy-care brassicas later in the month.

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