International pancakes

This article was originally published in March 2015

While the official date of International Pancake Day changes each year, the idea is worth celebrating far more often than once a year. From savory vegetable-packed options to the fun of puffy baked Dutch babies, there’s something for everyone, using a range of flours and techniques.


Dutch Baby

Part popover, part pancake, these baked pancakes have German roots and frequently involve sliced apples. With crisp, puffy edges and flat, somewhat eggy centers, they’re just as delicious with additions like cheese and ham as they are with fruit and powdered sugar. Get the Recipe >> 

Johnny Cake

These griddled cornmeal pancakes are a New England tradition; using stone-ground cornmeal ensures a pronounced corn flavor while the yogurt keeps the pancake light and tender. Serve with classic maple syrup, tangy pomegranate molasses or nothing but good-quality butter.  Get the Recipe >>

Korean Vegetable Pancake

Ho Bak Jun is traditionally made with grated zucchini. We’ve added carrot along with a touch of toasted sesame oil and fresh ginger; these pancakes are a great appetizer or side dish, served along Korean favorites like soft tofu stew or kalbi beef. Get the Recipe >>

Savory crepe

Crepes are simple to stir together and can be made up to a week ahead before filling and reheating. It’s worth making a big batch and having some for a weekend brunch and others for a quick midweek dinner. Get the Recipe >>


More recipes

Find more fun sweet and savory pancake ideas! Get more recipes >>


Give it a try

Stone-ground cornmeal

Bellingham, Wash., is home to Fairhaven Organic Flour, which includes the germ and bran for a flavorful cornmeal. You’ll find it in our bulk department.

Spelt flour

Our bulk department’s white spelt flour makes terrifically tender baked goods, as it’s a bit lower in gluten than all-purpose wheat flour. Pancakes are a great place to try it out.

Coombs maple syrup

From a seventh-generation family farm in Vermont, this syrup is certified organic, available in three grades (B is the most intense, A Dark is rich and robust, A Medium the lightest in flavor).

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