Ways with yogurt

This article was originally published in January 2015

Some of yogurt’s many uses go back centuries, while others are relatively modern. Health benefits aside, its creamy texture and
brightly tangy flavor add the perfect finishing touch to winter cooking.



The combination of yogurt’s natural calcium and mild acids creates a gentle tenderizing effect that doesn’t turn meat to mush.

lighten up

Lighten up

Full-fat or low-fat plain yogurt is a fine substitute for sour cream in baking anything from cornbread to pancakes. Nonfat typically
has too much liquid.



Full-fat yogurt is great for sauces and soups — its tanginess lends a subtle pop to the flavor of chowder or pasta. Don’t
boil, or it can curdle.



Choose plain, vanilla or honey yogurt as a topper for fruit desserts instead of ice cream. It offers less fat and sugar, and a more complex flavor profile.



Swapping yogurt for mayonnaise in your favorite salad can be a fantastic update to both flavor and nutrition. Try in chicken or tuna salad or deviled eggs.



Plain Greek yogurt shines on the dinner table alongside lentils and rice, sautéed greens or roasted root vegetables. Stir in a complementary spice or serve as is.

breaking fast

Breaking fast

It’s a classic with granola, but try it as a dipper for toast. Swirl in some jam, nut butter or honey, and cut the toast into slices.

yogurt bowl

6 recipes to try

From a simple dip to a deliciously light tea cake, these 6 yogurt recipes are worth exploring. One of our seasonal favorites is a creamy, tangy pasta sauce that blends sweet carrots with rich yogurt.

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