What's in store for December

This article was originally published in December 2014


Sweets to celebrate

Pick up a pint of Peppermint Stick Gelato or Pumpkin Custard from Snoqualmie Ice Cream in Maltby, Wash. Made in small batches from locally sourced ingredients, these seasonal flavors are available only through December.

If candy canes are your thing, don’t miss out on the ones from TruJoy Sweets. They’re certified organic, free of corn syrup, and are Non-GMO Project Verified. For another sugary delight, check out 100 percent pure Maple Candy from Coombs Family Farms.

Headed to a holiday party but don’t feel like baking? Grab a package (or two) of Cadia Organic Maple Sandwich Cookies. Made with 100 percent pure maple syrup, these organic cookies pair crisp maple wafers with a layer of rich maple creme filling for an irresistible treat.

local wreathes

Local wreaths

Add color and warmth to your home with a beautiful, aromatic holiday wreath. Each wreath is handcrafted at Alm Hill Gardens in Everson, Wash., from sustainably sourced materials.

Alm Hill is one of three farms that comprise Growing Washington — a nonprofit collective of new generation and Latino farmers whose mission is to grow, raise and represent food and farmers in Washington state. When you select one of these long-lasting holiday wreaths, you support local farmers while celebrating the holiday season.

seasonal beverages

Seasonal beverages

Whether you like your nog hot or cold, spiked or plain, you’ll find several choices in the cold case at PCC. Enjoy options from Organic Valley and Sunshine Dairy that are as good as homemade or choose from our selection of nog that is dairy- and egg-free.

If you prefer juice, try R.W. Knudsen’s Spiced Pear, new this season. Containing 100 percent juice, it’s particularly delicious sipped warm.

And savor dessert with Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters Organic Yuletide Coffee, made from Peruvian beans that are organic and Fair Trade, and offer a full-bodied, medium-dark roast with notes of vanilla and cocoa.

snoqualmie gourmet peppermint ice cream

Hanukkah candles

Celebrate The Festival of Lights with these long-burning, hand-dipped, 100 percent beeswax tapers from Big Dipper Wax Works in Seattle. Each box contains 45 candles, available in natural, blue and white, and multi-colored.

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