Pomegranates – one ingredient, five ways

This article was originally published in December 2014


While seeding a pomegranate can seem like a painstaking process, it’s more than worth the effort for the delicious outcome. The glistening, garnet seeds packed inside are rich with antioxidants and are the perfect, festive way to dress up a dish. Sprinkle these sweet-tart jewels (known as “arils”) over a salad, blend them into a tangy dressing or add them to a dessert (we love to eat them by the handful too!).

Check out our no-fuss method for seeding a pomegranate. In a hurry? You’ll find ready-to-go fresh pomegranate seeds in cups from POM Wonderful in our stores.


Combine pomegranate seeds with chunks of orange or diced fennel and red onion for a fruity, wintery salsa that makes an excellent topping for meat, particularly pork chops or lamb. It also makes a great appetizer, served with chips or toasted wedges of pita bread.
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The sharp zip of pomegranate juice creates a wonderful dressing that’ll add punch to green salads. If you don’t want to extract the pomegranate juice yourself, grab a bottle from Knudsen or Lakewood in our stores. Drizzle the dressing over peppery arugula, toasted pecans, crumbled chèvre and pomegranate seeds for a truly spectacular side. Try our recipe for Zippy Pomegrante Salad >>


Bulgur is a natural fit for pomegranate seeds, especially when married with dried fruit, slivered almonds, fresh mint and a swirl of pomegranate molasses. (Look for Cortas Pomegranate Molasses in our stores.)
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French toast

Whip up a batch of Pomegranate Pear French Toast, perfect for a holiday brunch or cozy breakfast. Sweet-tart pomegranate syrup mingles with sugary pears and crunchy pomegranate arils for an outstanding meal.
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The somewhat sour flavor of pomegranates makes them a tasty counterpoint in desserts. Granny Smith apples mingle with pomegranate seeds beneath a buttery, gingery crumble topping in our recipe for Apple Pomegranate Crumble. Grab a cup of coffee and a fork!
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