What’s in store for July

This article was originally published in July 2014

In the floral department

One-gallon basil plants

Fresh basil and warm weather go together like strawberries and shortcake. Our flourishing one-gallon plants are organically grown by Cascade Cuts in Bellingham, Wash. Selectively harvesting what you need for recipes prunes your plants, encouraging them to branch out with new growth until the weather cools off in the fall. Give it good drainage, regular watering and about five hours of daily sunshine for a happy, healthy plant all season.


At the espresso bar

Cool off with Iced Tea

Our espresso bars take tea seriously. Chill out with our 16-ounce cups of iced black tea, grown organically and blended by local Choice Teas from a mix of regions in Vietnam and India.

If you prefer to avoid the caffeine, opt for tart, refreshing Cranberry Hibiscus herbal tea, which is lightly sweetened with agave syrup. Availability varies across locations.


In the produce department

Peak season local produce

We’ve worked with certified organic local producers for years, to provide the best quality fruits and vegetables grown close to home. Look for these fresh treats in July.

Lapin Cherries
River Valley Organics, Tonasket, Wash.

A cross between Van and Stella varieties, these sweet, oversized, deep red cherries have a firm texture that makes them almost as fun to cook with as they are to eat. Our Lapins offer vitamin C, fiber and potassium along with their sweetness.

Rainier Cherries
LaPierre Farms, Zillah, Wash.

Superbly sweet, juicy and particularly beloved by kids, these barely blushing organic cherries are lovely when tossed into green salads or eaten with Greek yogurt. If you plan on storing them, delicate Rainiers should be well wrapped and kept chilled.

Walla Walla Onions
Walla Walla River Organics, Walla Walla, Wash.

A beloved summer vegetable that adds crunchy sweetness to picnic salads and barbecues, our sweet onions have been carefully cured by a third-generation Walla Walla farm. These mild, low-sulphur onions supply vitamin B6, folate and vitamin C.

Orange & White Cauliflower
Inaba Produce Farms, Wapato, Wash.
Rents Due Ranch, Stanwood, Wash.

Our organic orange cauliflower is packed with beta carotene, along with the fiber, folate, potassium and vitamins C and K contained in the white variety. Use this newly trendy vegetable in salads or on the grill (thread the florets on a skewer). Available mid-month.


3 basil recipes to try

Grilled Salmon with Basil Hazelnut Crust

An easy pesto-like mixture keeps salmon wonderfully moist and incredibly flavorful.
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Phad Prik King

A popular Thai curry stir-fry that uses plenty of fresh basil and summer vegetables.
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Caprese Salad

It’s hard to improve on the simple perfection of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil.
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