Dog days

This article was originally published in July 2014

One of the many reasons we love sausages is how quickly they cook: a few minutes on the grill and the work of cooking is done, leaving everyone with more time to relax and enjoy.

We’ve paired up great-tasting links and drinks, finishing things off with the perfect condiment to tie the flavors together.

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Link: PCC Mild Italian

Drink: Schooner Exact “First Session” IPA

Condiment: Mama Lil’s Kick Butt Peppers

Choose between rich pork, juicy chicken, or lean, flavorful turkey as the meat in this link and add the classic accompaniment of marinated hot peppers. Local institution Mama Lil’s uses Yakima-grown Hungarian peppers, with about the same heat as jalapeños. First Session is a PCC exclusive; it’s a mild, bright IPA that benefits the PCC Farmland Trust.


Link: PCC Chicken Lemon-Herb

Drink: Bayern Pilsener

Condiment: Bandar Spicy Mango Chili Sauce

This remarkably succulent sausage is mild enough to benefit from a condiment with plenty of tangy, fragrant heat. Bandar’s sauce is inspired by intense South Indian mango pickles, but pureed into a smooth spread. The spicy fruit of the sauce plays nicely with the dry, mild bitterness of the pilsner.


Link: Uli’s German Bratwurst

Drink: Finnriver Dry-hopped Cider

Condiment: Beaufor Moutàrde l’Ancienne with Oregon Growers Apple Butter

Cider-braised brats are an autumn classic. This brings the same flavor profile to your summer grilling, via two simple condiments. Slant it toward cinnamon apples or Dijon spice, depending on how you mix them. Finn River Dry-hopped Cider has bright hops and faint, tangy apples, pairing perfectly with the dual flavors.


Link: Applegate Spinach Feta

Drink: Fremont Brewing Summer Ale

Condiment: Karam’s Garlic Sauce

All this needs to be mistaken for a gyro is to be served on pita instead of a bun. Locally made Karam’s Garlic Sauce has a warm, robust flavor that keeps garlic front and center. The Summer Ale is hoppy, with fragrant notes of tangerine, a terrific counterpart to all that tasty garlic.


Link: Field Roast Mexican Chipotle

Drink: Pike “Kilt Lifter” Ale

Condiment: Queso Botanero

This grain-based link packs some serious, surprising heat, tempered nicely with an Oregon-made creamy cheese with a mild, peppery heat from fresh jalapeños and cilantro. Smooth, malty Kilt Lifter mellows out the mix of fresh and smoked chilies.

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