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This article was originally published in June 2013

Men still can enjoy soft skin even if they’re going for tough and rugged. Our health and body care department has several products designed specifically for men, to help them get a close shave while nourishing and moisturizing their faces with safe, natural ingredients.


Preserve Triple Razors

These plastic razors not only are completely recyclable once you’re through with them but the ergonomic, easy-to-grip handles are made from old yogurt cups. They also feature titanium-covered blades with a lubrication strip for added comfort, which are easy to remove and replace.

Wild Carrot Herbals Mountain Man Lotion

“Moisture for man-skin,” this light, non-greasy lotion is great for the face after shaving as well as for overall moisturizing. Locally crafted in Rickreall, Ore., it contains organic ingredients including coconut oil, aloe vera, fair trade shea butter and essential oils of organic white grapefruit, bay laurel and wild cypress.

Seattle Sundries Shave Soaps

Start your day the classic barbershop way with these handcrafted shaving soaps locally made in Ballard. Each comes packaged in a rust-proof, reusable and recyclable aluminum tin. Choose from a rich, foamy lather (Filthy Rich Shave Soap); a classic, robust lather (Old School Shave Soap); or a mild, moisturizing lather for sensitive skin (Smooth Shave Soap).


Father’s Day: four great gifts

Camamu SOAP shaving gift set 

This kit contains a classic shaving brush plus two soaps locally made in Portland, Ore. Goat’s Milk Shaving soap features farm-fresh, organic goat’s milk and organic calendula. Hops in the Bath soap is a tribute to the Pacific Northwest and its locally crafted beer. Microbrewed with an infusion of local, organic hops, it’s a beer in a bar!

Buff headwear

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with this multifunctional headgear. A seamless tube of fabric available in a variety of colors and patterns, Buff can be worn in over a dozen ways. Versatile and simple, each is designed to offer protection from the elements, whether Dad’s cycling, fishing, golfing, hiking or skiing.

Hydro Flask

Using special double wall, vacuum-insulated technology, these water bottles will keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold beverages cold for 24 hours. Made of stainless steel, they’re BPA free and resistant to odors, tastes and bacteria. Choose from 12- and 24-ounce bottles in both narrow or standard mouth sizes.

Seasonal brews

Treat Dad to any of these special suds, perfect for warm weather. Oakshire Brewing “Line Dry Rye” is a crisp and refreshing pale ale brewed with honey. Sierra Nevada’s “Summerfest” lager is delicate yet complex. And Saison Dupont “Cuvée Dry Hopping” features Triskel hops from Alsace, a name inspired by the Gaul’s word for Earth, Air and Water.

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