Goat’s milk delights

This article was originally published in April 2013

Whether you prefer your goat’s milk chilled in a glass, transformed into creamy yogurt, patted into tangy chèvre or swirled into wonderfully rich caramel, you’ll find delicious options at PCC.


Capretta Greek Yogurt – New!

This brand-new tangy goat’s milk yogurt from Sierra Nevada Cheese Company is easy to digest; silky smooth; and offers calcium, protein and millions of probiotics.

Tieton Farm & Creamery chèvre – Local!

Lovely fresh cheese handcrafted from a blend of goat and sheep’s milk from herds that roam lush pastures in sunny Tieton, Wash., just right for salads or dessert.

Redwood Hill Farm kefir and yogurt

Try these wonderfully creamy and nutritious options fresh from the solar-powered creamery of this family farm in California’s sun-drenched Sonoma County.

Happy Goat caramels

These handmade delights are crafted in small batches from premium goat’s milk, organic sugar and pure flavors, perfect to savor or give as a gift.

Local! Grace Harbor Farms yogurt

This luscious yogurt is crafted from the milk of a herd of Saanen and LaMancha goats at Wil-O-Acres Goat Dairy in Ferndale, Wash.


Search our cheese selection online

Explore our selection of goat’s milk feta, cheddar, string cheese and more from creameries including Cypress Grove, Amaltheia, Woolwich, Ford Farms, and Redwood Hill Farm. Get started »


Recipes to try

Find salads, soups and other dishes that call for goat cheese, like Crostini with First-of-the-season Goat Cheese and Rhubarb-Thyme Jam, in our online recipe box. Find more recipes »

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