What’s in store for April

This article was originally published in April 2013

In the grocery aisles

Hail to kale!

The “it” chips these days are made of kale, so we were eager to bring you the best locally made kale chips we could find. Enter: Adam Lewis, Bellevue-based, raw foods chef extraordinaire.

House of the Sun Kale Chips are first coated with a creamy vegan dressing of bell peppers, Brazil nuts, sprouted sunflower seeds, lemon juice and more, and then slowly dehydrated at a very low temperature. The result? A raw food flavor explosion.

Adam is a fan of kale because it is so nutrient dense, and he believes we all need fresh, raw foods to be our “healthiest, happiest and smartest” selves. Select Original or Lemon-Onion Dill chips, packaged in fully compostable containers.


In the meat and seafood department

Tasty weeknight meals, ready in a snap

When you’re looking for a quick and healthy weeknight meal, check out PCC’s Natural Express ready-to-cook entreés in the fresh meat case. We carry lamb, fish, chicken and an assortment of steaks seasoned and marinated in tempting flavors such as lemon pepper, teriyaki, garlic herb and kalbi. Or choose time-saving, tasty meatloaf or Italian meatballs.

The selections vary by day and store, so call ahead if you’d like a specific meat, cut or flavor.

A sampling of what you’ll find:


In the PCC Deli

Delicious wraps and cheese dips

Put a spring in your step with our PCC Deli’s new Zesty Queso Dip, loaded with jalapeños and melted organic American cheese. It’s a delicious take on the ever-popular nacho dip and equally fabulous added to tacos and quesadillas. Or try our Southern-style Pimento Cheese Spread, a creamy sensation featuring roasted red peppers and cheddar cheese, perfect with vegetables, chips or in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Still hungry? Snag our most popular sandwich wrap, a tasty Turkey Caesar Collard Wrap, filled with oven-roasted turkey, collard greens, and Parmesan. If you want to skip the meat, pick up a Veggie Collard Wrap, instead; it’s packed with collard greens, cucumber, avocado, red peppers and hummus.

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