What’s in store for September

This article was originally published in September 2012

In the grocery aisles

Challah for Rosh Hashanah

Serving freshly baked challah for the Jewish New Year just got easier, thanks to local company Bubby’s Bread. The special frozen “crown” challah dough comes shaped in a beautiful three-strand braid that is wrapped to create a crown. Simply defrost, let rise and bake. Bubby’s Sephardic Pumpkin challah is especially suited to Rosh Hashanah — according to Sephardic tradition, food made with pumpkin is served to express the hope that just as the pumpkin has been protected by a thick covering, so will we all be protected and given strength through the new year. All dough is organic and certified kosher by the Seattle Va’ad. Other varieties available in some stores: Czernowitzer, Lithuanian, Whole Wheat & Honey. L’Shanah Tovah!


In the mercantile department

Metal water bottles made in Washington

PCC is proud to carry the only metal water bottles made in America. The bottles manufactured by Liberty Bottleworks sport hip designs and are constructed with lightweight, 100 percent recycled aluminum lined with a BPA-free food grade coating — and they’re 100 percent recyclable. Just a quarter turn opens or closes the bottles, and wide mouths make them ice-friendly and easy to clean. In Liberty’s commitment to sustainability, they built their Yakima, Wash., factory with equipment that allows them to conserve energy and resources, clean waste water, and recycle their own scrap metal to make more bottles. They also donate a percentage of sales and working hours to support grass roots causes.


In the beer case

A toast to Oktoberfest

Ah, September, when we beer enthusiasts eagerly await the impending harvest. We dream of autumn days, with sunlight as rich as an amber ale and the nights as crisp as a pilsner. It’s time for our favorite September celebration: Oktoberfest! Our suggestions: 21st Amendment Hop Crisis, a no-holds-barred Imperial IPA aged in oak — big hops, big malt, huge flavor. Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale, a toasty, malty brew that tastes like autumn feels — rich and smoky. Bayern Oktoberfest, a Märzen-style lager with toasty malts and spicy hops that leaves us saying, Prost! Pike Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale, a devilishly spiced brew — (black) magic in a glass!

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