The greatest thing since sliced bread is sliced bread

This article was originally published in September 2012

Sliced bread has come a looooong way. Gone are the days of white loaves lacking substance and whole grain slices bearing rock-like density. Artisan bakeries are creating breads that take everyday sandwich-making to a whole new level thanks to expertly crafted, flavorful loaves.

The Essential Baking Co. and Grand Central Bakery, both located in Seattle, now offer pre-sliced loaves of some of their most popular breads. Loaves arrive to our stores freshly baked every morning, pulled from the oven just hours earlier. Packaged in a plastic bag to maintain moistness, the bread generally keeps for about six days and keeps best when tightly sealed. To prolong its shelf life, consider refrigerating the bread, letting it warm to room temperature before eating.

You’ll find a variety of flavors at PCC, including the Pain du George from The Essential Baking Co., which features a specially milled whole wheat flour with a lighter flavor and texture. It’s certified organic and perfect for the classic turkey or club sandwich. Also try Grand Central’s Como Loaf, an Italian-style white with a golden crust and chewy interior.

Love chicken or egg salad? Slather it between two slices of Campagnolo from Grand Central, a hearty loaf made from wheat and rye flours and an eight-grain cereal.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous with your sandwich, pick up the Raisin Pecan loaf from Essential and layer pears or roasted apples on one slice and brie on the other. Or grab Essential’s Rosemary Diamante and make a sandwich of roast beef, arugula and blue cheese, or ham, arugula and Gruyère. The combinations are endless!


Great loaves in grocery

And don’t forget our selection of sliced bread in the grocery aisle! You’ll find all kinds of loaves to satisfy, no matter your preference.

Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains — Boasting 16 grains and five seeds, this bread still manages to be moist and chewy. Produced in Milwaukie, Ore., it’s certified organic. Also try: Good Seed and Rockin Rye.

Silver Hills Bakery Steady Eddie — Lightly sweetened with organic apples instead of refined sugar, this loaf, produced near Vancouver, B.C., features organic whole sprouted wheat, rye and soybeans. Also try: Mack’s Flax and Squirrelly.

Islands Bakery English Muffin Bread — Handcrafted in Arlington, Wash., this bread allows you to enjoy that classic English muffin taste on slices much larger than the traditional muffin round. Also try: Potato and Old Fashioned Oat.

Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread — Those on a gluten-free diet can rejoice thanks to this hearty loaf that tastes like the real deal. It’s dairy, soy and nut free too. Also try: White Sandwich Bread.

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