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This article was originally published in April 2012


Our skin, hair and nails often reflect what’s happening deep within our bodies. Choosing a nutrient-rich diet can give our digestive and immune systems a boost and lend skin a healthy glow, improve hair health and strengthen nails to boot. PCC Nutrition Educator Leika Suzumura shares what to eat to feel (and look) our best.

Antioxidants — These vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in colorful produce keep our cells healthy and strong. For a well-rounded diet, just remember the phrase “ACES” (vitamins A, C, E and S for Selenium).

Find vitamin A in carrots, yams, cantaloupe, mangoes, beet greens, butternut squash, arugula. Find vitamin C in bell peppers, tomatoes, oranges, kiwi, mangoes, asparagus. Find vitamin E in wheat germ, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts. Find Selenium in tuna, shrimp, Brazil nuts, garlic, eggs, turkey, mushrooms and halibut.

Biotin — This B vitamin builds strong hair and nails through helping the body form keratin, a strong protein that’s a major component of both. Find it in: rice, eggs, bananas, oatmeal, chard, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids — This essential fat encourages healthy, hydrated skin. Find it in: fatty fish including tuna, salmon and mackerel, walnuts, flax seeds, grass-fed beef, and eggs from hens fed flax seed meal.

Zinc — This element is essential for a healthy immune system and also helps keeps acne at bay. Find it in: spinach, crimini mushrooms, basil, pumpkin seeds.

Probiotics — These healthy bacteria live in our intestines and keep our digestion strong and steady. Find them in: yogurt and kefir with live active cultures (including PCC’s entire selection), kombucha, miso, apple cider vinegar.

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PCC’s Health and Body Care Department offers even more ways to boost the health of your skin, hair and nails, from the inside out, including:


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