Chatterbox for March

By Karen Gaudette

This article was originally published in March 2012


Got kids in your life? Then we hope you’re following PCC Healthy Kids on Facebook, where you can stay up to date on the latest kid-friendly events at your local PCC, find fun recipes and even win prizes!

On that note: Did you know PCC’s website features an entire database filled with more than 1,700 kid-tasted and approved foods?


Visit our Kid Picks section to explore, or simply keep an eye out for orange Kid Picks tags next time you’re shopping. And don’t forget: Kids 12 and younger get a free serving of a fruit or vegetable each time they visit PCC.

Videos Click on the blue video icon at the top of our website, and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge. Watch and learn cooking and entertaining tips from PCC Chef Lynne Vea. Tour the farms, orchards, creameries and workspaces of some of your favorite sources of fresh produce, cheese, ice cream and other foods, including River Valley Organics (Washington-grown organic cherries, apples and pears) and Pure √Čire Dairy (Washington Jersey cow milk and cream) with our Meet our Producers series. Learn helpful tips, including how to pair cheese and beer, choose a ripe pineapple, find the juiciest oranges and more with our PCC Quick Bites and Quick Sips series. Like what you see? Have an idea for a segment? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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